Dater and Numbering Stamps

6000 Series* Metal 
-Inking Die Plate Daters

The Ideal self-inking die plate daters work and feel as great as they look. Just one impression and you will appreciate the ergonomic handle and heavy duty construction. The Ideal self-inking die plate daters feature a heavy duty frame and precision components for a smooth, quiet action and many years of trouble free operation. Deep molded bands provide clean, sharp stamp impressions. Oversized band adjustment wheels prevent your fingers from contacting the dater and make date adjustment easy. The 6000 Series stamps are an excellent choice for your high volume stamping needs.

IDEAL 6410
Die plate size: 1" x 1.625"
(25mm x 42mm)

IDEAL 6510

Die plate size: 1.125" x 2"
(29mm x 50mm)

IDEAL 6710
Die plate size: 1.875" x 2"
(47mm x 50mm)

IDEAL 6810

Die plate size: 1.875" x 2.75"
(47mm x 69mm)

IDEAL 6610

Die plate size: 1.375" x 2.25"
(35mm x 59mm)

*  Special locking grooves on the back of the date band mechanism provide a sure positioning system for accurate band alignment.

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